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Empowering Minds

Academic Excellence at St. Mary of Carmel

Discover our curriculum, fostering intellectual growth in harmony with spiritual values.
St. Mary of Carmel Catholic School is a pre-kindergarten through eighth grade diocesan school accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Education Department.
The development of a child is multifaceted: the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, and social dimensions all require care and nurturing for the formation of a healthy child. We recognize this process by utilizing developmentally appropriate teaching practices designed to address the age group served. The Diocesan Curriculum Guide serves as a model for content and pacing at each grade level.
In order to maximize our resources and meet the individual needs of each student, St. Mary of Carmel utilizes a Blended Learning Station Rotation Model of instruction in Reading and Math K-8th grades.

Our Academic Aspirations

At St. Mary of Carmel, we strive to build the Kingdom of Heaven by preparing saints and scholars. Our goals for our students are college and heaven, so we set high academic goals for our students. Those goals include:
Developing a love for learning
Meeting the individual academic needs of each child

Utilizing technology to prepare students for 21st century learning

Developing problem solving and creative thinking skills in students

Support Our Mission & Vision

Your generous contributions play a pivotal role in sustaining our legacy. Together, we can continue to foster an environment of faith, learning, and leadership, ensuring that St. Mary of Carmel remains a beacon of excellence for generations to come.
The mission of St. Mary of Carmel is to serve our children by providing quality Catholic education in a safe and nurturing environment.


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