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Welcome Parents and Students

Discover St. Mary of Carmel

At St. Mary of Carmel, we’re a faith-driven community dedicated to academic excellence. Join us in celebrating our rich history and commitment to shaping future saints and scholars.

The Heart & Soul of St. Mary of Carmel

St. Mary of Carmel is building the Kingdom of Heaven by forming saints and scholars. St. Mary of Carmel School strives to nurture the whole individual in a faith-filled Catholic environment: to promote spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth in each person as an ongoing journey to maturity as a Catholic Christian and citizen of the world.

Welcome Parents and Students

The Core Beliefs of St. Mary of Carmel

Delve into the deep-seated principles that guide our community, shaping our actions and inspiring our journey of faith and learning at St. Mary of Carmel.


God is our all in all

In every moment, God’s presence guides and sustains our journey of faith.


We are many parts, but all one body

Diverse in roles, united in purpose; together, we form the St. Mary community


Christ is in everyone.

In every face, every soul, we see the reflection of Christ’s enduring love.


We are always learning.

Every day brings new lessons, deepening our understanding and faith.


We do small things with great love.

Every act, no matter how minor, is a testament to our boundless love and care.


Join Our Faithful Journey

Where faith meets excellence. Enroll and join our legacy at St. Mary’s.

Guiding Principles: Our Core Values

The pillars that define our ethos, driving our actions and shaping our community at St. Mary of Carmel.


At the heart of all we do, love binds our community and fuels our compassion.


Every day is a journey of discovery, nurturing minds and expanding horizons.


Through understanding and grace, we heal, grow, and strengthen our bonds.


In selfless acts, we uplift others, reflecting Christ’s teachings in action.


With determination, we pursue excellence in faith, academics, and character.

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Guiding Principles: Our Core Values

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Your generous contributions play a pivotal role in sustaining our legacy. Together, we can continue to foster an environment of faith, learning, and leadership, ensuring that St. Mary of Carmel remains a beacon of excellence for generations to come.
The mission of St. Mary of Carmel is to serve our children by providing quality Catholic education in a safe and nurturing environment.


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