• Virtual First Day (All School) – August 19th, 2020
  • First Day in person and simultaneous virtual – September 2nd, 2020

School Reopening

For the 2020-2021 School Year, St. Mary of Carmel will provide our families both:

  • An On-Campus Learning Model

We are also preparing for whole school e-learning should it be necessary throughout the year. 

As always, our top priority is to be able to serve our students by providing a quality, Catholic Education in a safe and nurturing environment. A safe environment is more important now than ever and we have developed these protocols with special care to ensure the health and safety of our students upon their return. We know that nothing can replace in person, face to face learning and our goal is to prepare stringent safety and cleaning protocols so that students can return to school safely. However, we understand the uncertainty of these times and are ready to provide flexible options for families so that your students can continue to receive the highest quality education in the environment most comfortable for your family.

Both in-person instruction and online distance learning will be available for our families beginning on August 12th 2020 with students utilizing the Online Distance Learning Model functioning on a one day delay from the in person model. We invite your family to consider which model is a better fit for your family after learning more about the details of both models below. Providing both models will require all of us to work together to ensure the highest quality learning for all of our students. The virtual school option will especially require partnership and a time commitment from families.

Online Distance Learning: “Virtual School” 

St. Mary of Carmel will provide a full-time ‘Virtual School’ Model for any family wanting the quality, Catholic Education that St. Mary of Carmel provides, but who is not ready to attend in-person classes at this time. Choosing to continue to partner with St. Mary of Carmel from home means that your student will continue to have access to all resources (faculty and staff, counselor, library, software etc.) that is available to our students, but the mode and method of delivery will be different. While St. Mary of Carmel will provide high quality direct instruction and engaging learning activities from teachers, this model will still require significant partnership and commitment from parents. Teachers and parents will need to work together closely to ensure that student work is turned in and returned in a timely fashion, that student questions are addressed thoroughly and that schedules are followed closely.

While this new learning model presents a learning curve for both the school, teachers, and students, we are committed to working together to ensure high quality instruction for your students. Our virtual school policies and procedures are currently being refined and finalized, but know that the program will include the following:

  • Teachers will record all of their daily direct instruction and post it online for students learning at home to view
  • All homework and classwork assignments will be completed via our learning platforms (SeeSaw and Google Classroom)
  • Students will have access to all textbooks, software, videos and resources that students in the classroom have access to
  • Individual conference/question and answer/discussion time will be set up for students to have live interactions with their teachers on at least a weekly basis
  • A staff member on campus will be our virtual learning coordinator and will serve as the point of contact for all questions and support 

E-Learning Plan (if necessary)

A transition to a full e-learning schedule during the 2020-2021 school year is a possibility and we will be actively preparing teachers and students for that transition from the onset of school. Our e-learning model will be quite different than the emergency transition we made in the spring and will include synchronous (live instruction in core content) and asynchronous (independent or teacher guided work at a child’s own pace) instruction throughout the week. Our full e-learning policies are still being finalized, but all teachers, students and parents will receive training and support in e-learning policies at the beginning of the school year. In addition, all teachers will begin to use our learning platforms in their live, physical classrooms as well to help ensure a seamless transition.

 General E-learning Policies

  • SMC will use SeeSaw as the learning management platform for PK-2nd Grade.
  • Google Classroom will be used as the learning management platform for 3rd-8th grade.
  • Google Classroom and FACTS will be integrated for a more seamless transition of grades and assignments from Google Classroom to FACTS (RenWeb) gradebook.
  • All students and parents will use Zoom for video conferencing and communicating with teachers.
  • Students will be expected to participate in live Morning Prayer and homeroom each day.
  • Our E-Learning schedule will include a daily schedule for students with a mix of live classes with students, recorded teacher videos and on screen and off screen work time.
  • Weekly calendars of assignments will be provided

Helpful Links

SeeSaw Website

Google Classroom Login

Protocol for a Safe Opening (6.30.2020)

Protocolos para una Apertura Segura (6.30.2020)